August 11, 2020                                

Nicole Henderson


Navy Veteran Challenging Rep. Matt Gaetz, Commander Phil Ehr, Releases Statement on Rep. Gaetz’s Lack of Concern with Russia


PENSACOLA, FL — Earlier today, the U.S. Congressional candidate challenging Rep. Matt Gaetz in Florida’s 1st Congressional District, retired Navy Commander Phil Ehr, released the following statement regarding Rep. Gaetz reckless ignorance of Russian hostility towards the United States:

Last night, Matt Gaetz confessed that he doesn’t think Russia “has ever mattered less in [his] life than they do now.” 

Well, Rep. Gaetz, as a 26-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, as someone who flew reconnaissance missions during the Cold War, Desert Storm, the Balkan Wars and in post-9/11 conflicts around the world, I have to disagree.

Just this year, we learned that Russia is paying terrorists to kill American soldiers. We may differ here, Rep. Gaetz, but I think the safety of our troops matters quite a lot. 

I think the continued Russian attempts to undermine American democracy matter quite a lot. I think their persistent arming of extremists in the Middle East matters quite a lot. And I think the safety of Americans at home at abroad matters quite a lot. 

We cannot take the encroaching threat of Russian aggression lightly. We must accord the increasing boldness of one of our oldest adversaries the seriousness and sobriety it demands. 

It’s clear Rep. Gaetz is not mature enough to take this seriously, but our servicemembers and his constituents deserve someone who does. 

About Phil Ehr:
Phil Ehr is a retired U.S. Navy commander and the Democratic nominee challenging Matt Gaetz for Florida’s 1st Congressional District. Phil is a husband, father, community volunteer, and veteran who rose from Seaman to Commander in a 26-year active duty career. Phil flew reconnaissance missions in the Cold War, Desert Storm, and the Balkans. He provided strategic advice to senior leaders in Washington, London, and NATO in the post Cold War and post 9/11 eras. Phil is fighting to restore honor and integrity to Northwest Florida’s representation. With your help, we will prevent, prepare for, and respond to the next national crisis.  We will build an economy that’s fair for working people, families, and small business, cradle to grave. We will correct failing policies on health care, education, the environment, and public safety. We will advance freedom, equality, liberty, and justice for all. We will fight corruption and incompetence to restore trust in American leadership. Join the “Ehr Force” today!