October 22, 2020



Nicole Henderson


Matt Gaetz Feels Entitled to Represent Florida’s 1st District

Poor job performance and reckless behavior have given voters an appetite to make an historic change.


PENSACOLA, FL -- Congressman Matt Gaetz often says, tweets, and posts on Facebook outlandish sentiments that are not necessarily in line with many in the district that he represents. Today, he posted that he felt “entitled” to represent Florida’s 1st District because of previous wins.

Gaetz is actually in a vulnerable position as the momentum has shifted in Florida’s 1st District. His lying, stealing, and cheating has shown in our polling conducted by Lake Research Partners that he has made himself extremely unpopular. The District is looking for someone with character and that is willing to lead in an honorable manner.

Ehr’s background as a former Republican and  26-year U.S. Naval Aviation Commander (Ret.) is resonating with those in the District and continues to become socially acceptable for those in the Panhandle to cast their vote for someone that speaks to their values. 

Ehr’s campaign continues to stress the country over party sentiment. Ehr stated, “I'm here to serve the families of Florida’s 1st District. I'm doing this to make our community and our lives better, not to get rich off TV appearances and book sales.”

Ehr continued, “I'm not afraid to criticize both parties, because at the end of the day, I believe in country and community over party. My opponent can't say the same.”


About Phil Ehr:

Phil Ehr is a retired U.S. Navy commander and the Democratic nominee challenging Matt Gaetz for Florida’s 1st Congressional District.  Phil is a husband, father, community volunteer, and veteran who rose from Seaman to Commander in a 26-year active duty career.  Phil flew reconnaissance missions in the Cold War, Desert Storm, and the Balkans.  He provided strategic advice to senior leaders in Washington, London, and NATO in the post Cold War and post 9/11 eras.  Phil is fighting to restore honor and integrity to Northwest Florida’s representation.  With your help, we will prevent, prepare for, and respond to the next national crisis.  We will build an economy that’s fair for working people, families, and small business, cradle to grave.  We will correct failing policies on health care, education, the environment, and public safety.  We will advance freedom, equality, liberty, and justice for all.  We will fight corruption and incompetence to restore trust in American leadership.  Join the “Ehr Force” today!