Gun Safety

Ensuring Gun Safety

We must recognize gun violence for what it is, a public health crisis. On average, 100 Americans die every single day because of gun violence. Gun violence is also the leading cause of premature death in America. The issue of gun violence is deeply rooted in American culture, but it doesn’t have to be.

Phil is a responsible gun owner and pro-Second Amendment. Phil was also a trained armed guard in the U.S. Navy. Phil Ehr believes this uniquely American crisis that can be addressed while protecting the Second Amendment, through common sense gun-safety legislation.

Phil Ehr Supports:

  • The Constitutional right to bear arms
  • Holding gun manufacturers accountable
  • Requiring criminal background checks on all gun sales
  • Keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and convicted stalkers
  • Buy back programs on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  • Keeping guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists on the No-Fly list