Investing in Quality Public Education

Every child deserves access to a quality and affordable education. Florida has the 4th largest GDP in the nation, but is 41st in spending per student, and 46th for teacher pay. This is unacceptable. Our public education system needs investment and should be an engine of opportunity for all students. Our teachers are preparing the next generation to lead, and we must dignify and honor the work of our teachers by paying them a salary worthy of their service.

Students need to have access to appropriate instructional materials and resources. These are the things that shape students’ lives and keep them coming to school. As a Congressman, Phil will fight to bring funding for Florida public schools.

We must open the doors of higher education to more Americans by making college more affordable. It is too often that a young person is turned away from chasing their dreams because of their financial situation. As a Congressman, Phil will work to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to pursue debt-free higher education.

Phil Ehr Supports:

  • An increase in teacher pay
  • Increase in per-pupil spending in K-12 systems
  • Funding for public school maintenance
  • Access to quality education for ALL students
  • Accountability measures for schools that receive taxpayer dollars
  • Affordable access to higher education