Criminal Justice

Reforming our Justice System

The United States is home to the world’s largest prison population, and black Americans constitute 34% of the total correctional population worldwide. We must fundamentally identify, address, and transform how we approach public safety. Decades of failed policies fuel systemic cycles that continue to exist in our criminal justice system. We must find and quickly implement smarter policies that keep our communities safe and to end racial disparities in drug sentencing and incarceration.

Despite numerous deaths and massive public outcry, we continue to see deaths of unarmed black and brown Americans. We must confront the ugly truths about police brutality in our country. We must demand radical change that moves beyond policing and towards redemption and rehabilitation.

Phil Ehr supports:

  • Ending the use of chokeholds and strangleholds
  • Establishing a National Police Misconduct Registry
  • Bans on no knock warrants
  • Demilitarizing local police departments
  • Require de-escalation from officers
  • Make lynching a federal hate crime
  • End mandatory minimum sentencing
  • Require state and local law enforcement to wear body cameras
  • Limit the transfer of military grade equipment to state and local law enforcement
  • Fund initiatives to partner social service and mental health experts with police departments
  • Expanding funding for mental health and substance use research
  • End cash bail systems
  • End the federal government’s use of private prisons