Preserving our Environment & Beaches

Climate change is among the most pressing issues of our time. Climate change affects not only our environment, but the health of our communities. The increasing severity of storms poses significant risks to Northwest Florida, and disproportionately impacts low income communities.

Additionally, our troops are seeing the impact of climate change. As other countries experience the devastating effects of climate change, it increases the chance of conflict and undermines the safety of our troops. We must recognize the troubling reality of climate change and update our federal policies to protect future generations. This is a global issue, which requires a global response. That is why we must rejoin international climate agreements to ensure cooperation.

Northwest Florida beaches are the reason many people choose to live on the Emerald Coast. The Emerald Coast is for everyone to enjoy, not just the few that can afford beachfront property. Phil Ehr promises to preserve public beaches and protect customary use.

Phil Ehr Supports:

  • Achieving 100% of energy supplied by clean sources by 2050
  • Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Protecting public access and customary use of Northwest Florida beaches
  • Funding and reforming the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Updating the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act
  • Strengthening protections for ecosystems and endangered species
  • A permanent ban of drilling offshore Florida
  • Increased measures on fuel efficiency and emissions standards
  • Ending subsidies for fossil fuel corporations
  • Investment for clean energy research and innovation