A Message from Phil:

I made the difficult decision to end my Congressional campaign in Florida’s 1st District. I’m profoundly grateful to the entire “Ehr Force” for their selfless support and encouragement. With the help of the Ehr Force, we were heard across the district, the state, and the country. To those who stood with us: Encourage one another, engage respectfully with our neighbors who did not, and join together again to move Northwest Florida and America…

Forward with Honor

My mission to defend democracy continues. I have redirected my efforts to fight disinformation and misinformation, which threatens social cohesion and democratic governance in the United States and around the world. Please join our information civil defense force, the George Washington Initiative.


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Why Vote for Phil?

Phil served 26 years in the United States Navy. His mission remains to serve our country.

Phil is a lifelong patriot who was registered Republican for over 30 years. Phil became disillusioned with the Republican Party in recent years. He felt that the Republican Party leadership was failing to address many societal issues that face our district and country.

Phil joined the Democratic Party to challenge the status quo in Florida’s 1st District. Phil believes that all individuals are responsible for their own actions. He also believes that all institutions in the United States must promote equal opportunities and benefits for all. At times that means giving a helping hand to individuals who do not have a well developed support system.

All of the people in Florida’s 1st congressional district have rights and responsibilities. Phil believes that all of the constituents of the district should be served by their elected officials, not just the constituents with the “right” connections to people in power.

Phil is an independent thinker. Phil does not feel that he owes either political party any future votes or favors. Phil will always prioritize constituents over lobbyists and country over party.


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Phil is fighting to restore Northwest Florida's honor and integrity of our representation.

Phil will promote unity on the basis of good faith and mutual respect.



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